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The MMC website has endured a major redesign. Hopefully everyone will like the changes made. Many hours were spent making it more useful, easier to use, and visually appealing. If you have any suggestions for changes, please visit the Contact Us section.

Changes Log
  • 0.4 --> 0.5:
    • Support Command Line Option "geometry"
    • Window Position is saved on exit
    • Preferences Dialog redesigned
    • Local Time w/ Timezone insted of GMT is now sent
    • Compose Dialog is a GnomeApp now (means: Toolbar and Menus)
    • Supports "From"s like:
      Christian Biesinger <>
      (i.e. they also contain the name)
    • Disallows empty From or To (caused Segfault)
    • Updated RPM Patchfile. RPM Creation should work on all distributions now.
    • You need not enter your password in the preferences now (for POP3). Enter none and it's asked for when you click on "Get Mail"
    • Also compiles when newer versions of Berkeley DB are installed
    • Support ./configure --enable-debug, so you need not enable debug functions if you don't need them.
    • Supports ./configure --enable-profiling and --enable-debug-libs (might be useful for developers) (enable-debug-libs links with GDK, Glib and GTK Debug libraries)
    • Corrected some minor "bugs" (ie. used "%i" instead of "%li" in printf)
  • 0.35 --> 0.4:
    • Reading the messages is much faster now.
    • The Address book has been added. It saves email addresses and names to a Berkeley DB File.
    • Progress bar for retrieving
    • Supports CC and BCC
    • Supports moving and copying between folders
    • Configurable Font for the mails; default is Courier
    • Number of Messages is displayed in the statusbar. Number of unread E-Mails is displayed as well.
    • You can change the colors of the Unread Messages, the Attachments, the Headers and the quoted text!
  • 0.32 --> 0.35:
    • Sorting Messages is now possible (By Date coming soon).
    • Attachment list is closed when reading another email.
    • You can now reply to an email.
  • 0.3 --> 0.32:
    • Now I use a GtkPaned - which means, you can make the list larger, or the message window.
    • SMTP Code now works with servers sending greetings longer than one line.
    • Error Handling is being done now for POP3.
    • Window Sizes are now remembered.
    • Column titles don't disappear when scrolling down...
    • Password in the Preferences Dialog not displayed any more.
    • Steven Behnke has redesigned the Compose Message Dialog.
    • Fixed Attachment decoding functions.
  • 0.2 --> 0.3
    • Mail Sending possible!
    • Attachments are now fully supported, providing they have a filename. The attachment dialog, however, looks ugly. It should be fixed sometime.
    • The filename of an attachment is also displayed now.
    • Files are now stored in a Subdirectory under your home directory (.mmc).
    • While sending mail, error checking is now being performed.
    • You can delete emails now - watch out, it hasn't been optimized for speed!
    • Your From address is remembered when you click send.
    • All functions are accessible via the Menus now.
    • In this release, I began writing a Changelog!
  • 0.1 --> 0.2
    • Now we are having a property dialog! No need to change the source!
    • Many smaller changes I've since forgotten.

Last modified: Thursday, January 25, 2001.
© 2000-2001 Biesinger/Behnke, all rights reserved.
Christian Biesinger
Steven Behnke

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