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With the advent of MMC beta 0.35, we've come to a rather large list of great features we've implemented, and a large list of other promising features that we plan to incorporate into the application. Even at this beta stage, MMC is a very well made, useful, and stable application. If you're interested in MMC, here are some of the implemented and yet-to-be implemented features of MMC:

  • Single window interface
  • Two pane view for multiple mailboxes*
  • Sortable columnized email view
  • Simple Address Book
  • Complete support for POP3 email receiving
  • Complete support for SMTP email sending
  • Simple, organized email composition interface
  • Complete attachment support, intuitive attachment list
  • MIME support
  • IMAP Support
  • Multiple recipients, carbon copy/blind carbon copy support
  • Multiple Mailboxes*
  • Copying/Moving between multiple Folders

  • Multiple email accounts
  • Mail Filter rules
  • PGP encryption support
  • More in depth Address Book
  • S/MIME support
  • HTML parsing
  • Spell checking
  • Search feature
  • Email schedules

Also see the SourceForge Task Manager for a list of planned features.

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